Alluring 8D Premade Lash Fans 0.03mm C & D Curl, (32 lines = 2 lash trays) – 480 Lash Fans

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The Alluring 8D Mega Volume Lash Fan has 8 ultra-thin and ultra-light .03mm thickness single eyelashes placed very close to each other on the sticker strip

1 Alluring Mega volume lash fan gives the effect of 8 but only weighs as much as a normal 5D .07mm lash fan

The Alluring Volume Mega Lashes can be easily used for customers who want 8D volume eyelash extensions. Now you can make it without any extra effort. No need to spend time on making “fans” – we have already done them for you!
There is no special Volume eyelash training needed. Our 8D Lashes are suitable for everybody

480 lash fans curated into 32 lines of lashes which equates to the content of 2 traditional lash trays

C curl or D Curl – (pick one from drop down box)

Thickness .03mm

Choose Length

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .5 in

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