Alluring Lash Base Primer for Eyelash Extensions – Glue Primer





Eyelash Extension Base Primer


This Alluring Glue Primer will give you twice the adhesion that you would have if you were to just use glue alone. This primer is NOT to be applied to the natural lashes.   (see instructions below)

Alluring Primer enhances the glue adhesion (bonding power) that strengthens the glue for longer bonding life.  It increases the glue adherence to the extensions & removes the efflorescence that maybe happen from some glues.

It comes with your choice of scent: strawberry or banana.

Size: 15ml

How to Apply:

1) Put one or two drops of the Base Primer onto jade stone or disposable glue well (also sold in our store).

2) Dip the base of the lash extension into the solution. Wait for primer to dry (3-5 seconds) then apply the lashes as normal.  The conditioned lashes should be applied within 24hrs.


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