Premium Y Lashes C & B Curl .20mm or .15mm thickness




Y Lashes have the shape of a Y, which results in a fuller look. Double lashes are joined at the base to create volume and dimension. Applying 1 gives the effect of 2, which of course also means double effect in time and efficiency. These lashes are very Light weight and knot-free.

1 Tray of Y lashes

C & B curl – size .20mm or 0.15mm

Length: from 10 to 15mm or mixed size (8-14mm)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz

C .20 x 10mm, C .20 x 11, C .20 x 12, C .20 x 13, C .20 x 14, C .20 x 15, B .20 x 10mm, B .20 x 11, B .20 x 12, C 0.20 mix (8-14mm), C 0.15 mix (8-14mm), B 0.20 mix (8-14mm), B 0.15 mix (8-14mm), J 0.20 mix (8-14mm), J 0.15 mix (8-14mm)